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Guatemala meets Providence

Your Gateway to Incredible Adventures

Established in the year of 2010, we are a small business formed by the efforts and dedication of our founder, Eberly Oliva, a Guatemalan native. We thank our ability to grow to our loyal and diverse clientele who has made our expansion and years of service possible. As said by our founder Eberly Oliva, "Our clientele appreciates the value of a kind, professional, and personal service that makes us so unique."

We serve a diverse community due primarily to our location. We are located in Providence, Rhode Island, which is the home to a vast amount of foreign legal immigrants from Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Although many of the people from our community call the United States their home now, they maintain the connection to their roots and embrace their culture, traditions, and family values. Many of these families find their connection to their homeland important and still travel back to their native countries which are a huge part of their identity. 

Our services can be as simple as receiving help in finding affordable flights to Washington D.C or as elaborate as creating your dream come true - a personalized vacation package to Italy for a family that can include hotel, airfare, car rental, excursions and more at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality customer service for every trip you may need to plan. Our guarantee is that you will leave our agency satisfied no matter the circumstances. As an agency our mission is to provide an amazing experience and establish strong relationships with our clients that pass down through generations - an example of this is the beautiful reality is that many of our new clients are often the children or grandchildren of our clients who have been coming here from the very beginning. 

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